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50 Songs to Learn English. First 10 to go!

Not every song you like is a brilliant example for learninga foreign language

Music is an easy way to learn phrases, words and sometimes haha to learn it wrong. You know freedom of poetry ! And artistic freedom of changing the way words are pronounced.

“When people sing, therere is no obviouse accent. It is easy to memorise sentenses. It is better to sing a chorus of the song, than to repeat 3 grammar forms !

I am going to suggested my favourite songs or singers. There is a certain criteria you have to look when choosing the song : words have to be acceptable to use and suitable. I mean no dirty words...The Singer, you have chosen, has to have clear singing. As for the Red Fox, he said it has to be such song with some repeated verses melody enough easy to follow. WE need catchy chorus !

My 20 favourite SONGS TO LEARN ENGLISH ! and their singers !

1 My Favourite things, sang by Julie Andrews.

2 Red shoes.sang Paolo Nutini

3 Unforgettable( sang by Nat King Cole)

4 most of Beatles, but I like to take With little Help of My Friends

5 Skyfall sang by Adele

6 Waterloo Sunset /Sunny Afternoon sang by Kinks

7 I have a dream sang by ABBA

8 Englishman in New-York sang by Police

9 Our House sang by Madness

10 Wish you were here sang Pink Floyd

I 'm a Believer sang by Madness

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