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Small group teens


CLASSES for Teens

It meant classes for children /teens 11+. There are separate age 11-14 and 13-17 groups. We start with A1+. Red Fox shall create materials for younger learners, but a little bit later. When Fox fluffy tail, comes back from London with new tales.

Foxes run 3 types of CLASSES for TEENS

  • CONVERSATIONAL. Teens learning through practice+ Grammar added only when needed review, Spelling according to the need of an individual. Each session begins with a drill.

  •  GET READY for FCE/PET and Upper Secondary for IELTS.

  •  GRAMMAR - Improve spelling, reading and pronunciation.

 And you can book a Workshop or get materials from Patreon: video+exercise + consultation.

We try to create different quality materials - visual, classroom - we teach by ear-kinetic-we do something - we read blogs in English etc.

NB. More information from the posts CLASSES A1-A 2 etc. !

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