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Workshops & Club

Image by Ali Yahya
CLUB! The Proof of the pudding is in eating!

The best way to learn something to do it yourself and to use what you have learnt!

Here you can find what is happening and what kind of Workshops are available. WEEKENDS - 4 times per month we are running free WORKSHOPS-Webinars for TEENAGERS and 2 times of ADULTS ! To take part you need t register your interest, have a little conversation and get on. The POsts about those events would be published according to the subject and if there would be video available at youtube.

There are also one-off free  WEBINARS anyone can join with a link to ZOOM.They could be about Food, Current Events, Culture Language, Teaching or History. 

Fox running and running around and working hard and comes with a variety of Workshops!

Please look at the POSTS with English and/or other language title TALKING HEADS. It will also indicate when and what about the workshop is going to be.

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