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Reading a book can be an easy way to develope your language skills. Take book you have read and would like to read again, find adoptation if it a bit too much for you. Do not make life more complicated- it is hard enough! Take it easy!

It does not help on it's own. It works when you read systematically !

When reading read between the lines and change your book if you have to look for a word each 4 pages( more or less) Find Audio ! LOOK-there are a lot on youtube for free!

Make a note/notes set up before you have started… For example write down how the Desesrt Island is described? How did Robonson looked like? What is interesting about Friday appearance ?

If you are looking for a bit more complicated and Upper material, I suggest to develope something based on

Reading a book can be an easy way to develop your language skills. Take the text you have read and would like to read again; find an adaptation if it was a bit too much for you. Do not make life more complicated- it is hard enough! Take it easy!

I have chosen Daniel Defoe , The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, a sailor from York/ Written in the 18th century it was made with a bit of suspicion, as not a realistic story. Hence is ti based on the survival of a real man. The story is dated. We cannot accept Robinson feelings toward Friday. It is a story that gives you so much to imagine. Do not say -you have never dreamt about spending some time away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world!!!


Introduce to reading and discussing the book;

Learn Vocabulary;

Make reading working for your development of language use;

Using Grammar in Action

This is just an idea material to use and develop to your needs. I would advise adjusting for your needs. 3 parts could be made into 5 classes.

At first, we need to look at the vocabulary we must learn. How shall we memorise all those new words?

Words on their own can be put into a Mindset or Spider scheme! Write not only translation but look at TRANSCRIPTION!

Have a Quiz at the end of the class. It is good to exchange lists with answers when a teacher reads the right ones. If it is a Quiz, work in groups and get some prise!

As homework, let your learners have another guess- crossword. it does not matter if they remember words or look them all up from their book. At this stage, it is not for checking but learning!

Animation shortcuts were taken from Wikipedia, sites about the film like kinopoisk,( as seen on 28th december 2021) and used only for an educational purpose.

How can we memorise those words !

  • 1 CROSSWORD- PRINT and fill it .

  • Create a spider-map

  • 2 USe Quizlet - cxreate your own flashcards

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