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Next door

I live in the fields - there I have a house, a garden, etc. Not mine but I used it when I can... But people live next to each other so close! Somebody rents and someone lets a property.

The village D is located in the hills along the river Bain. It is only blackbirds that make noise and busters in the morning. Many people have chickens in this village, but most have dogs and cats, not that I fancy them. People live in bungalows, cottages and terraced cottages. The village had 2 post offices, 2 pubs, 2 shops, a school, a GP's and a fish-and-chips. There used to be a huge airbase here. At those times everything was very convenient and buses used to run often- daily.

Now there is no schooling only one pub left. And the bus comes 3 times per week.

Here, in such a quiet place live mostly adults or senior people.

A young man with learning difficulties, Adam, moved in here into this village. He has a cottage rented for him on a quiet street kind of a crescent, with a dead end. Adam's granny Seannon also rents a cottage nearby. Such a peaceful place!

Adam's cottage is at the end terrace, opposite his grandmother's cottage.

Oh ... The boy is about 30 years old, likes to play computer games and does not really understand the time of day. His Grandmother takes him to work twice per week. He has a brother, Archie, who also lives nearby in the same village with a girlfriend. He also has SEN.

They all have the same landlord-Neil.

The street is quiet, mostly teachers live here for some reason. A river runs down the gardens,Other things that run around are rabbits, badgers and foxes are found running in these hills.

Have you already felt the conflict? The Adam and Archie are from a town known for its fishing history, football hooligans and lazy bones, generations of unemployed people and a constant struggle for a better life and reputation.

Have you not felt the conflict yet?

'Our Adam does not sleep well and it sometimes pisses him off. He plays games and sometimes shouts something into space! His brother also likes to play and they sometimes play until the morning,' said sheepish granny Seannon.

One week in July there were a couple of nights that were especially exciting for boys, the nights were hot. So the neighbour got mad listening to their yells 4 o'clock in the morning and, decided to have a word with boys. She came early in the evening and told off Archie and Adam: "She had not a night but a nightmare and it's not the case to scream at 2 o'clock in the morning." Of course, Archie came to his brother's defence and told her to"sod off". It drove next door potty and she complained to the landlord.

The owner came to find out all straight from the horse mouth, he also brought grandmother Seannon with him. After a short conversation, all was settled down.

An apology was given and the case was dismissed. Archie is not allowed to stay all night long.

We don't usually call the police right away. Initially, people try to talk, then they can raise a question in the parish council and manage it like that...And how do you solve a problem in your place?

All is well that ends well!

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