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TEA as a Symbol of Nation or a bit of Paddington for a cuppa.

There are 3 well-known tea drinking nations Chinese, Russians and of cause English.

'English ' is probably not a correct word, British is better . I have written once about Afternoon tea and 5 o'clock tea.

Well known that it is nearly as japanese ceremony ! Look there -Tea and good manners!

At the late Queen Elisabeth II Platinum Jubelee it was also drunk with some sandwiges.

British Tea drinking is our answer to everything !I must make a post like' Cup of Tea as an element of British film' ! or write a book ' how to solve any problem with a cuppa' ! And of cause it has to be with a biscuit you donk into. No no cookies and buscuits are two different things !


I shall send you to the article about brands as I am rather concervative and drink only a few tea makes. Hence, I found some interesting brands, that pretend to be British make, e.g. 'Gun Tea'

AND there is an interesting article and colour scheme of British teas

As for brands...There are three most famouse and popular !

1.  Yorkshire

2.    Tetley

3.    Twinings


Why not to have a go with a quiz

to be continuoued

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