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What is Spam and TO SPAM?

I bet you immediately imagine your mailbox with some very annoying letters from people you got in touch with once or twice and all because of some kind of curiosity! But the machine of advertising got your mail into the system and it is travelling like a gossip.

But SPAM is also a type of preserved meat, like Russian " Doctorskaya" sausage. It has its followers but does not have the best reputation in the same time. It looks like SPAM and tests like spam.

How many times I was asked to try it! I bought it in the Polish shop in Lincoln a few times with the same result.

So, what is SPAM? It is a type of meat in tin/can that was introduced by an American company The Hormel Food Corporation and became essential tin/can supply during the World War II for American troops, then it went popular in years after the war and could be found in over 100 countries.


Spam basic ingredients are pork with ham (probably made from nice bits and others), salt, water, modified potato starch (as a binder), sugar, salt, and sodium nitrite (as a preservative). Natural gelatine is formed during production and it makes me think about sub products.

Many people have raised concerns over Spam's nutritional attributes, in large part due to its high content of fat, sodium, and preservatives and a lot of fat! I simply say, If you got spam in your mailbox?- Ditch it! If you see it in a shop- get one if you are starving and do not give any to your children any children, if you care!

BUT THIS IS MY PERONAL OPINION! and I do not tell porkies!

2 Idioms :" tell porkies" and "cheap and cheerful " and what is SPAM to spam?

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