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What could be better than going to the river or to the outdoor pool( in Woodhall Spa for example). Unfortunately, not everyone lives by the sea. What a boredom for me to be in Skegness, Mablethorpe or Blackpool this summer?! "I dream about vitamin SEA"

Today I will remember how we spent the whole summer and the whole autumn in Greece.

My parents worked on the construction of a factory in Hamburg, and I was sent to Greece for the summer with my grandmother. My parents rented a large house and all the relatives were interested in our plans for the summer.

When my cousins came to visit, we decided to go on a picnic.

My grandmother is just a brilliant cook! She can do everything! All. what everyone loves. And she prepared some kind of profiteroles. She carefully packed everything in a box and put everything for a picnic in the basket : spoons, forks, knives, napkins, thermos, glasses, towels, change of clothes, drinks, bedding, folding chairs and fences from the wind or sun. Grandma also gave me a box of garbage.

Everyone immediately became animated and began to push me. "Aya"it does not work with me, they say, "Englishman walks, but never runs". ( Here we can imagine another melody, Sting sang The Englishman in New-York)

I jumped out of the house loaded with everything and threw a box of rubbish into the litter bin. And off we went!

After we were driving on the road, then on a country road, and then on some rocky road. It was a long and hot road, with dust.( Are we there yet) But at last we saw the river! This is a mountain river and it is always cool and transparent. There are small waterfalls and places for swimming, rocks and different grasses. And if you follow the river, you can come to the seashore and swim and jump from a rock.

We swam and played, ran to the river and played ball.

Then we put up a table and chairs, put up screens from the sun, laid out everything beautifully and put stones on the table so that nothing would fly away.

And then we realized that we were hungry! We turned everything upside down in the car and there was nothing there except drink, cookies, a thermos and a box of garbage.

Can you imagine what everyone told me?! 4 pairs of unfriendly eyes were looking at me. I bleated, " I think I threw out the wrong box. Sorry. "

Imagine what everyone told me!

Of course we could eat everything. As there were not so much to eat and went to a restaurant. So my aunt and uncle had to spend some money out of their pockets! They don't really like to go fair and square.

At the end, we spent a wonderful day by the sea and returned to our wonderful house with a view of the sea. And I wish I were 15 again. Although I was not popular among my relatives!

TASK. DRAW all things and write what did we take for a picnic!

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