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Back from my Den ! I want to be like Romeo from the Shard !

There is a very good example - How fox can live in London ! ( link to a bbc article)

Oh it was a long perioud of me sleeping ! Back on truck! I was busy with classes and settling in my den, I got a new one.So Red Fox still my alter Ego. (another I am) and I tend to devide my private life, person and me as an English learning guide.

So, now I am getting back publishing stories and material for learning English. To keep my place a bit more sufficient and tidy (wishful thinking?)

Aiming High ! My plans:

  • I am looking for a collaborator ;

  • I want to become more deciplined and organised. Wishful thinking? Who knows...;

  • running a Conversational club on Fridays... ;

  • studding how to teach younger learners;

  • make a lot of visual material in support of books we use at the lessons

  • study DUOlingua alternative test;

  • set a group ( I really like to work with a group of people)

  • organise and exhibition ...


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