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SOCIAL CLUB - THE Best way to learn to speak starts with speaking !

How about Fridays evenings in the comfort of your home, with a cup of tea or cofee or even a glass of wine. how about 6 pm LONDON time? Are you free? Any other day?

The best way to learn language is to use language!

I think, that the best would be to have 4 or 5 people come together to talk about something they like... I might keep a role of a co-ordinator : I shall send some presentation , vocabulary or a video. Athough I am a chatterto I can push people to talk and use expressions ! Problem of all people, we use the same expressions rather often ! like I THINK

How much ? I wonder if I can ask £5 for my fuss... ? Have one meeting on me and then desicde if you would like to join and cover 4 meetings per month?

Now I am ready for FRIDAY at 4 PM London GMT ...

HOW TO SET UP for the CHAT ...

Prepare a list of words and expressions like :

  • I strongly believe…

  • I truly feel…


Add some strength:

  • I strongly believe…

  • I truly feel…

  • In my honest opinion…

Look at the best way to disagree :

  • no Doubt

  • I rather

  • It Might

  • I am afraid

  • Nothing of this kind

Imagene you are an ACTOR and you need to play your role .

What do you need ?

You need to know the right words to say in the right time ! Prepare some of them !

1) Prepare some usual expressions to start your sentance, express your idea :

Imagene, you are with a group talking or discussing the best dramas you have seen on TV .

Somebody tells about late films and says, “I think The Crown was the best show I have seen on Netflix. There’s no question about it.”

Another might disagree and says, “I disagree! Have you forgotten The Taboo with tomas Hardy ?”

The third one responds with, “Actually, I meant only Netflix, but if we talk about all serials, you might right.I have not watched that one”

Knowing how to express your opinion in English is valuable whether you are speaking or writing.

So we look at expression can use to share your point of view.

2) Make a mind map of the most important words, phrasal verbs or expressions to go with this Subject !

Mind maps help to find the right word. You might be comfortable to talk, know all those words but it might be the very best word could be missed.


ASK somebody to make a recording of the conversation. Sometimes it is interesting to come back and reply once again... You need to aks permittion of all and every in order to compline with privacy rules and it has to be only for your educational purpose...

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