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WELCOME! 12 classes for TEENS and not only !

Meeting or DIY class - it is up to you.

DIY: it could be a be self-study and joining only for the Quizzes and discussions. Choose your way of learning and your ability of time management.

Here comes more of a story+ Presentation+ link/s and + some instruction.

You can buy the individual class material or All of them from PATREON. If it does not suit you. please drop me a line and we find out the way to get it all!


All materials that have been used either property of the, Lingardi or quoted from the sites etc., according to the rules and permission of authors. The materials you get or purchase is given for you to use, but not to distribute. You can make copies for your class, you can change and adjust it to your needs!

Pictures either taken from UNSPLASH or created by Authors


Those who have chosen it as a class with a teacher, get a little bit more of discussion and exercises to memorise words and expressions, writing home tasks correction and grammar explanation when needed.


  1. Read the story. Make your own timetable- plan to work at least 10 minutes per day or a little bit more. DO not spend more than an hour altogether. As soon as it is getting boring STOP!!!

  2. Read and/or Listen to the introduction or look at the PowerPoint presentation

  3. After, make a word -map( could be given if work with a teacher)

  4. Discussion when working with a teacher in a group of 1-2-1/ 30 minutes Quiz

  5. Use the links and additional Material.

  6. Write, draw, memorise!

  7. After all, you get a digital Certificate.( Of cause, it can be sent to your address but it is not an official document and authorised by JK Rolling team as a reward for hard-working learners)

So there are some YOUTUBE links some right to my other site or Author's site.


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