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99% WOLVes - Chalk and Cheese.

They say, 'The Dog is nearly a Wolf'. SO I have two living here with us. We know them from puppyhood. But they are as different as two people can be. Jack Russels are not a sweet little doggies, they are made to kill and to work in a pack.

One of my favourite books about 'those things' Tickner's Terriers by John Tickner. Highly recommend if you have an idea of getting yourself a cute little Jackie.

I love Jack Terriers but it is not exactly a breed to recommend somebody like me. I am more papillon, mixed little doggie and poodle kind of person.

But they are adorable and definitely have some sense of humour!

They need exercises and entertainment or you are in trouble! They organise a committee, leave doubts behind and will attack you property eg food basket, bag, fence, cage, glove compartment ... list is endless!


We have two dogs as you know. Like chock and cheese alike! One has rough coat and ears up but another has smooth sleek dotted fur. One watches tele, another watches birds.

Susie is not ready to kill and hunt. She rather takes her toys around the house carefully playing and hugging them in bed. She is afraid of winds and noises...Do not come close to her she does not think twice to snap a friendly hand.

Maggy kills toys, runs after hedgehogs barks at everything ( you know what does it mean "barking mad" ? If not listen to Maggy!

Each of them is, what is called a “character”? You can say Boris Johnson is a character?

I am a character! Slightly bonkers. I am not sure if it is a polite way to say “nuts” , bizarre or just mad.

So, two dogs: one has been known as “The Duchess” as you might heard, and another has nickname "Piglet".

Maggy, the Piglet, is known to be a greedy eater. She hoovers food and does not chew. We lock, shut and hide everything possible. No fun! Last Sunday, while Paul, my husband went to get a bottle of milk, she has eaten 4 packs of dog’s treats.

We had a very poorly doggy. Do Wolf do something like that?


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