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Learning Spelling !

When setting tasks think differently and try everything you can! Something can work better for you.

And how to improve your English writing skills? English is not too complex, not so hard, but it is original! This language being old is also pretty young. It is evolving and keeping things it has inherited from other languages, makes changes all the time. English is strongly influenced by it’s Danish, Latin, French, and Old English- Scandinavian origin.

Hence, knowing that is not going to help!

You can look for some “aliens” in vocabulary. While reading, writing listening, come across -write them out! Put things in some system and deal with it! I have to add here, that American English has it's own specific. You might argue here... Yes, there is some sense in writing "theater", not "theatre", "nite" not "night"...But it is the charm of the English language, it's roots locked into a word!

Fox advice - Watch Stephen's fry "The Planet World"


 1. And reward yourself for every step you make!

2.Set up one type of IRREGULARITY to learn each week:

For example : 

 1-week words with silent K :  knife, knight, knit, knob, knock, knot, know, knuckle;

 2-week with silent  Nhymn, column, solemn, Autumn

You can look for some other “aliens” at the vocabulary or phonics books. Children books are as good as any !

 I shall add each week one set at the Telegram channel!

3. Make it into a silly poem or sentence to make it easy to memorise! Do use vocabulary in context: a little poem, story, quatation.

4. TOUGH WORD! Old, but helps your hand and brain -write a line of that word the following way: copy a word, close it with your finger, then write the word compare, repeat!

King needs only ivory gold horses (he) treasures! KN 



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